Ginseng: Myth or Scientific

Fresh ginseng roots Fresh ginseng roots Of all the multitude of herbs known, ginseng may claim to be one of the most interesting and the herb that has the most extensive mythology surrounding it. It is a plant which for thousand of years had been uniquely regarded as a panacea - a cure all. No other plant is used so widely in the Orient for so many diseases and ailments than ginseng. Ginseng is unique because it is the plant used most widely in combating some of the degenerative conditions and loss of vitality that accompanies aging. Today, ginseng has gained international interests as the most effective herb to help modern man adjust to the stressful pace of modern lifestyle.

Researches on ginseng conducted at American and European research institutes including those in the former Soviet Union have shown ginseng to have various pharmacological ingredients and unraveled its effectiveness as a panacea.

Why do I need Ginseng?

Modern LifestyleModern LifestyleModern Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle has presented to us city folks many challenges as well as health hazards. We are living in a very competitive society. No longer can we be nostalgic of kampung or easy going lifestyle, since we have set out to achieve success. Our city lifestyle is a rush-rush one having to contend with traffic jams and the hustle and bustle of city life.

We have become very efficient in our information age but with it comes the need for our body to adapt to changes in our working environment e.g. computers, telephones, facsimile and other modern office equipment. In our competitive world, everyday is a day of decision, decision and more decision.

There seem to be no end to work. Our workload will continue to increase in spite of automation. Children too are not spared. They have their examination fever to worry about.

Effects of Ginseng on Aging

The aging of the body system begins at the moment we arrive in this world. The moment we see light, we already start counting down. Aging takes place progressively. We should prepare to make our old age useful.Premature AgingPremature Aging

How old is old? When does old age begin? Some say life begins at forty, some say fifty. We would like to say that the third phase of our life began at the age of fifty. How about yours? Some readers are, we suppose, in their twenties, thirties, or forties. Some others will have started the second or the third phase of their life and are already enjoying it. We can find the meaning of our existence only when we are healthy and able to utilize our minds and bodies, being useful to one’s family and to society. The mere extension of life into old age would not do us any good.

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