Our Company

Tongil Singapore Pte Ltd established in 1976Tongil Singapore Pte Ltd established in 1976Since her establishment in 1976, Tongil Singapore Pte Ltd has been securing the role as the Sole Distributor for IL HWA Korean Ginseng Products in Singapore. As a health food company, we are committed to promote the amazing health boosting and healing effects of IL HWA brand of Korean Ginseng.

Not all ginseng are the same. There are different varieties and qualities of ginseng on the market today. At Tongil Singapore, we focus our attention on the one ginseng brand that has repeatedly proven to be the best for our customers, namely the IL HWA Korean Ginseng. When you are looking for quality and potency in the ginseng you buy, there is simply no other brand quite like IL HWA. This is not only a sales pitch, it is a fact. Compare IL HWA products with any other brand of ginseng in taste, smell and effect, you will see there is no comparison. There is a major difference between IL HWA and other brands. Only IL HWA uses a patented low-temperature, one-time only, extraction process to make IL HWA concentrate. No fillers or extra ingredients are added. It's purity and potency makes IL HWA as the premium ginseng brand and the preferred choice.

Our Mission

IL HWA Ginseng promotion at hotelIL HWA Ginseng promotion at hotelOur primary mission is mainly inherited from IL HWA Co. Ltd: to bring forth great health to humanity through the service of Devotion and Sincerity. We seek to bring awareness on how quality IL HWA Korean Ginseng could greatly benefit the health and wellness of people all around the world. With sincere heart and dedication, we seek to help our customers live a healthier, happier and harmonious life.

Our Story

In the past decades, we have established IL HWA’s branding through the efforts of many dedicated pioneers and promoters stationing at major departmental stores, medical halls, promotion concourses, hotels and food fairs.

IL HWA Ginseng "ARIRANG FAIR" in the 1980sIL HWA Ginseng "ARIRANG FAIR" in the 1980sThe most evident was seen in the very successful ARIRANG FAIR held in the 1980s where she stroke a glorious and historical record in the promotion of Korean Culture at People’s Park Complex which greatly helped boost the tourism industry in the area. The Fair spotlighted a wide range of Korean dolls and handicrafts, which had attracted considerable crowds and greatly supported the sales of IL HWA Korean Ginseng too. Base on the foundation of the past dedication, the company is able to focus on wholesale and distribution now, while at the same time providing sales and products services through various promotional events.

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