Analysis of Ginsenosides of White Ginseng Concentrates and Red Ginseng Concentrates

Summary of Analysis

Content of Crude Saponin and Total Ginsenosides measured using the Shibata Method and Korean Food Code Method:


Shibata Method

*WGC *RGC % More
Crude Saponin
10.65% 5.80% 83.62%
Total Ginsenosides 7.40% 3.31% 123.56%

Korean Food Code Method

Content *WGC *RGC % More
Crude Saponin
21.77% 10.94% 98.99%
Total Ginsenosides 10.64% 3.13% 239.94%

*WGC: White Ginseng Concentrates from Company B
*RGC: Red Ginseng Concentrates from Company A
Source: Korean Ginseng Institute, Chung-Ang University