How often should I take IL HWA Korean Ginseng? Can I take it everyday?

It is recommended that IL HWA Korean Ginseng be consumed regularly, preferably once every day, since the effect of ginseng builds up gradually. IL HWA Ginseng is non-toxic and non-addictive and there is no worry of over-dosage.

When is the best time to take IL HWA Korean Ginseng?

Those who have difficulties in sleeping may find that ginseng helps to relax the mind and thereby promote sound sleep. For such cases, a cup of IL HWA Ginseng extract in the night is recommended. However, there are those who find that ginseng peps them up making them unusually active. For such cases, IL HWA Ginseng is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

How long should I use IL HWA Korean Ginseng?

Is there a recommended course of taking IL HWA Ginseng? We usually recommend a 3-month course of IL HWA Ginseng for those who are trying ginseng for the first time. For those who are energetic and full of zest in life, IL HWA Ginseng is best taken over the period that you will be most hectic; when you may not have the time to rest or you may have to travel. Many airline staff has testified to IL HWA Ginseng being effective in combating jet lag. It is best to start on IL HWA Ginseng one month ahead of such busy schedules.

Can I mix IL HWA Ginseng with my favourite beverage?

IL HWA Ginseng combines well with many drinks. Try mixing IL HWA Ginseng Tea or Extract with Horlicks, Sprite or Seven-Up and liven your day with health and sparkle. By adding a little IL HWA Korean Ginseng Extract, one can transform all kinds of tea, wines other beverages into a uniquely flavoured, invigorating cocktails. A dash of honey can make IL HWA Ginseng Tea/Extract quite delightful, providing a bitter sweet taste that lingers in your mouth long after sipping it.

I am on medication. Can I take IL HWA Ginseng?

For those who are taking other drugs or on medication, IL HWA Ginseng will help to cut down the many side effects. Ginseng has been traditionally prescribed alongside many other herbs and there is no reason why ginseng cannot do the same with western prescriptions. For those in critical conditions, it is best that you seek the advice of your doctor. Most doctors have little knowledge of ginseng, and many are prejudiced against ginseng. Many doctors think that ginseng acts like steroids and usually advise against their patients from taking ginseng. IL HWA Ginseng does not have steroid-like effects.

I have read wonderful accounts of the effects of ginseng but I don't feel anything after taking ginseng...

Since the effects of IL HWA Ginseng is gradual, allow at least 15-45 days before you can feel the difference. For some, especially young people, you may not even feel the effects since the effects of IL HWA Ginseng is adaptogenic, balancing and gradual but that does not mean that IL HWA Ginseng is not working in you. Young people who exercise and lead a busy lifestyle will certainly feel the effect of IL HWA Ginseng.

Is IL HWA Ginseng suitable for children? Is there a limit on age? Can children take IL HWA Ginseng?

IL HWA Ginseng is non-toxic and is beneficial for both children and adults. Children who frequently have colds and coughs have found IL HWA Ginseng to be very effective. IL HWA Ginseng increases non-specific resistance regardless of age.

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