IL HWA Co. Ltd.IL HWA Co. Ltd.

Devotion & Sincerity

Founded in December 1971 under the slogan of “Keeping the world healthy”, IL HWA Co., Ltd. has focused all of her efforts on becoming an enterprise that effectively promotes the health of all people in the world.

IL HWA Co., Ltd. operates:
  1. A ginseng business manufacturing products that use Korean Ginseng, a miraculous herb still surrounded by mystery.
  2. A beverage business producing drinks using Chojeong mineral water, one of the world’s major mineral spring water sources.
  3. A pharmaceutical business manufacturing therapeutic, preventive, and herbal medicine containing a variety of galenicals including ginseng.

All these divisions supply the highest-quality products, well recognized in the world market. “Devotion and Sincerity”, IL HWA's corporate ideal under the slogan of exerting oneself to do the utmost to produce and sell goods which promote world-wide health. IL HWA pours all of its energy into each product, and continues to strive to become an enterprise that decides its future on the basis of quality above all.

IL HWA ISO 9001 CertificationIL HWA ISO 9001 Certification

The Fame of IL HWA Korean Ginseng – Strict Quality Control

IL HWA has succeeded in producing a product that retains the superior quality and medicinal efficacy of Korean Ginseng, recognized by its well deserved name of the “Mystery of the Orient”.

IL HWA introduces the world’s best ginseng products by using outstanding technological power:

  • Only extracting the active ingredients and an intact fragrance from Korean Ginseng through the use of a low temperature, low pressure and vacuum extraction method.
  • Removing the infinitesimal amount of harmful substances through the use of a super-critical extraction machine.

By operating a quality control system that meets international standards through the ginseng KGMP and ISO 9001 Certificate, IL HWA is acknowledged as the world’s top ginseng maker by Germany, well known for its strict regulation of quality, as well as Japan, U.S.A., Norway among others.

Medical Research Breakthrough

IL HWA Central Research, the world’s Mecca of development for ginseng-related medicine, has conducted research into metabolism and mechanism of the Korean Ginseng saponin with a Japanese partner, Ildo Life-Science Research Institute. The research has succeeded in biosynthesizing IH-901, a new material from ginseng, and obtained patents in Korea as well as in other countries including the U.S and Canada.

As part of a strategic project sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the IL HWA Research Center carried out a joint study with the College of Pharmacy at Chungbuk University on the tissue distribution and transportation of hepato-billiary excretion of the anti-cancer compound IH-901, and discovered the remarkable efficacy of IH-901.

Advanced Technologies Accumulated Over 40 Years

Advanced Technologies accumulated over 40 yearsAdvanced Technologies accumulated over 40 years

IL HWA has conducted research on the saponin metabolism and mechanism based on know-how accumulated over 40 years of ginseng study, and has recently succeeded in biosynthesizing IH Propanaxatrial, a new material from ginseng. The research has developed an innovative fermentation method that can produce fermented ginseng extracts containing IH-901, a new ginseng material carrying remarkable biosynthesis abilities. IL HWA has demonstrated its superior technical capabilities by obtaining a patent for this material with respect to the manufacturing method and bioynthesis abilities beneficial to the human body.

Application of Manufacturing Technique Unique to IL HWA

IL HWA has introduced special manufacturing techniques to extract ginseng with the use of alcohol as the extraction solvent to fully maintain the active ingredients and the unique fragrance of Korean ginseng, and concentrate the extracted liquid under low temperature, low pressure and vacuum conditions. The high quality ginseng concentrate produced by IL HWA’s unique manufacturing techniques is used as the raw material to produce various types of ginseng products and favored by consumers all over the world.

Residual Chemical Removing Technologies

IL HWA owns a residual agricultural chemical remover, the only one available in the nation, that can extract infinitesimal amounts of harmful substances through a “super-critical fluid extraction system“, capable of removing only toxic material without affecting ginseng’s inherent components. The ginseng products thus produced by IL HWA are harmless to the human body so you can enjoy them with safety.