Why Choose IL HWA Korean Ginseng?

IL HWA has succeeded in producing products that retain the Superior Quality and Medicinal Efficacy of Korean Ginseng, recognized by its well-deserved name of the “Mystery of the Orient”. IL HWA white ginseng extract retains most of the amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides which are lost in other types of preparation. IL HWA is the world's best producer in terms of Quality and Efficacy as a result of the following optimum combination:

  • Growing and harvesting ginseng at the optimal time
  • Maintaining the main root and the rootlets without peeling
  • Eliminating boiling, steaming and high heat

IL HWA's employing of her own Proprietary and Patented, one-time only, Extraction Process also increases the overall Ginsenoside content compared to red ginseng extract. IL HWA's Growth, Harvesting and Processing strategy obtains the best Ginsenoside Balance. This is why IL HWA is used and trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide.

Quality Excellence

There are three primary elements which determine the quality of ginseng:

  1. Growth Period of Ginseng
    The miraculous effect of ginseng on health is the balance of a broad range of ginsenosides in synergy with all other components. High quality red ginseng is normally processed from 6-year old roots. IL HWA found that if they wait to harvest for 6 or more years, the ginsenoside balance is not as good, as some ginsenosides increase while others decrease. IL HWA uses the whole, fresh, finest, highest quality and organically grown ginseng roots harvested at the optimal time between 4.5 to 5.5 years, to obtain the broadest range and balance of ginsenosides. IL HWA's automatic equipment is designed to maintain a strict quality standard and guarantee ingredient, flavor and taste excellence.

  2. Abstraction of Ginseng Liquid
    IL HWA's unique method of alcohol abstraction prevents alcohol retention and maintains 100% of the useful components.

  3. Ginseng Processing
    IL HWA's Low Temperature and Low Pressure Processing methods are crucial to preserving the active ingredients (particularly Saponin). Medicinal decoctions should be boiled down at low temperature in order to release those ingredients which contain medical effects. This process may be applied in making tea. IL HWA ginseng products are all produced by a specific method: low-temperature, low-pressure and vacuum abstraction. Reviving this method from the wisdom of our ancestors, various kinds of ginseng products (tea, drinks, and capsules) are manufactured. Ginseng products produced by this technique contain the original flavor and taste and the effective component of ginseng saponin without deterioration. Through the technical guidance of KAIST in 1984, IL HWA Ginseng Tea has been produced by a new drying method (momentary drying method below 50 °C). By this method, the original flavor and taste are preserved along with the authentic ingredients. Properly processed ginseng will maintain its flavor for 10 years or more.
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